If you would visit Hungary it is very difficult to offer you only one or two places to discover. Hungary is a beautiful country with uncountable sights (built or natural), with many of traditions, unique and delicious gastronomy, good wine and friendly people.

Budapest as the capital of Hungary is magical. It is often called as “Queen of the Danube”, thanks to its breathtaking situation. In this city you can follow the history from the time of Roman Empire to the present day. There are many possibilities also to focus on special themes in the city like:

  • Habsburg Empire;
  • Everyday life of Roma;
  • Jews Heritages in Budapest;
  • Lovely Gardens and Roofs in our Metropolis;
  • Statues of the Downtown;
  • Bridges of Budapest and their Stories;
  • Politic and Science;
  • Hungarian Culture and Classical Music;
  • Contemporary Art and Music;
  • Shopping Streets and Centers in Budapest;
  • Street Food and Ruinpub – New Trends in the Gastronomy; etc.

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