Do you know the answere to the following questinos? If not, there is one more reason to visit Hungary and take part on one of my guided tours! 🙂


  1. Who is „Galloping Major” and the where is is the burial-place of him?grandtour_Bp
  2. This building is one of the most important buildings of the state. It was built of only Hungarian material except 8 monolith columns, which were imported from Sweden. Who wanted to buy this building in the 80’s?
  3. Here you can find the most expensive rooms of the capital! If you take a look to the top of the building there you can see a portrait of a man. Who was he?
  4. This is the oldest bridge of the town! According to a legend the architect committed suicide! Do you know the story, why?
  5. This building is on the old place of the Redoute and it was opened at 1865 and reopened at 2014. Ferenc Liszt the world famous composer made his first independent music night here at 1869 and Béla Bartók in 1905.Chain Bridge and the Royal Castle
  6. This church has a mihrab inside. It is the oldest church of Budapest and it was built on the place of Contra Aquincum! What is a mihrab and what do you know about it?
  7. They are the oldest twins of Budapest. They were named after the wife of József archduke! In this building were the first elevators of the town. Which hotel is in the palace nowdays?
  8. Where you can find the old “Kalapos Ház”(Hatter House – architect was Ignác Alpár) what is a shopping mall today? It was the third Stock Exchange Palace of the city! It is worth to find it and visit the treasury inside!

    If you know answere to the questions just share it in comment with others! 🙂