Esztergom, the Capital of the Danube Bend – Esztergom, a Dunakanyar kapuja

Esztergom in Hungary is one beautiful, medieval city in the Danube Bend! It worths a visit! Read more!

Győr, the city of beauties – Varázslatos Győr

Győr, the most beautiful baroque city of Hungary! It worths a visit! Read more! Győr, Magyarország legszebb barokk városa! Fedezze fel velem!

Pannonhalma Archabbey – A Pannonhalmi Bencés Főapátság

Benedict Archabbey Pannonhalma is one of the oldest Hungarian monuments and also one of the oldest in Europe. It is also world heritage and worths a visit! Read more!

Mysteries of Budapest – part 1.

Mysteries make a city always more interesting! Read more!

Miniature sculptures around Budapest

My beloved miniature sculptures in Budapest! All of them have their own story what is always in strong connection with the Hungarian history! Read more!

Something cool is coming! Are YOU ready?

Are YOU ready? Guided tours in Budapest, Hungary for private guests, groups or companies! Personal (normal, live guided walking tours here in Budapest) and online virtual tours (live streaming tours or online tours with Zoom or Google Meet). If you... Continue Reading →

Some amazing Budapest photos from my private walking tour today

I took some beautiful photos of Budapest! Let me share you!

Palace District, Budapest – amazing buildings and historical milieu

An amazing part of Budapest

Virtual Budapest Tour success!

After an informal meeting and my first but really successful virtual “walking” tour in Budapest I just enjoyed this beautiful day! I really deserved it! I took many new photos to my new website that you can check from next... Continue Reading →

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