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This thematic walk introduce you that specific area of Pest which once gave home for the tiny shops and dwellings of Judaic tradespeople. Later on the quarter gained its “reputation” as Judran ghetto the once extremely poor, then outstandingly wealthy, after all a dilapidated district. Here you can find three synagogues including the second greatest in the world. The serious damage caused by the II. World War still has traces throughout the entire quarter. The urban rehabilitation projects are still under progress but the local youth wanted apparent change. More and more ruinous houses, cellars became famous meeting points where at the beginning the first so called ruined pubs started their operation illegally. Nowadays these places are among the most important tourist attractions for the young and elder visitors as well. These special houses seem to be dilapidated from outside, meanwhile surprisingly elegant pubs can be found inside. The ruined pubs are perfectly suit the traditional Judean Quarter, its kosher restaurants. Be my guest for a walk which seizes the opportunity to introduce the symbiosis of historic and contemporary period in the former Judean Quarter!