If walls could talk! This 1,5 hours long online tour give you the opportunity to discover the Jewish Heritage of Budapest! The capital of Hungary was one of the most important center of Jewish minority in Europe before the world war II and plays also nowadays important role in the life of the city!

Are you interested in Jewish Heritage of Budapest, but you can’t travel this time? Take part on my virtual tour and I show you the old Jewish Getto online! I’m a native and licensed tourist guide who had more than 2000 guests in the last 3 and more than 18.000 in the last 20 years. All of them were really satisified at the end! I’m also official tourist guide of the world famous Great Synagogue of Budapest as well, with many many experiences!

The old Jewish Getto changed a lot since the war is over but it still has its fascinating milieau. The community still flourishes in spite of many difficulties. The district has several historical stories, legends, architectural heritages and hidden gems. Not only the worldfamous Great Synagogue but old also private buildings, the hidden, old Getto Wall remind us to the importance of Jewish Heritage and Culture in our life!

So let me guide you along the highlights of the old Getto of Budapest! Online tours offer you great possibility to discover hidden gems, highlights and listen to interessting stories of Budapests Jewis Culture in your living room! At the end you will not just know the most important and intressting facts and stories about the city but you will have a life-long experience without leaving your house!

My interactive online tour give you a personal insight into everyday life as well, thanks to my 360 panoramic photos and video shortcuts for the best experience!

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If we can not meet personally this time, be my guest in Budapest online! You are very welcome on my online program and I hope to meet you soon virtually!

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